Icy Quansoo

When doglet and I went to visit Quansoo on the last day of January, we enjoyed some of the first real ice of the season.

Tisbury Great Pond Icescape, January 31, 2021

At the edge of the beach was a gap.

The narrow and curving line of darkness delineated the transition from pond ice to land ice.

The pond froze during a strong wind.

When this happens, splashover and blown water droplets freeze on and encase the beach grass nearest the shore. I’m not sure what Coquina thought, but she walked carefully.

This has been a winter when the cold does not stay.

Our recent late-January three-day cold snap has faded into an early-February thaw.

The long-range forecast says we will have another multi-day below-freezing cold spell…

In about a week.

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