Cold Quansoo

Over the last decades, our winters have warmed and shortened in duration.

It’s mid-winter, Candlemas Day is past, and we’ve hardly even had ice on the ponds.

Our first “real” cold spell of the season came in late January.

It lasted but three days.

By the third day, Tisbury Great Pond had frozen, so Coquina and I went to take a look.

The sun tried to come out, but the clouds soon fully took over.

There’s a bright side to a gray day, though.

Because “gray day” can be a homophone for “grade A”.

There was a nice patch of “pancake ice” at the mouth of Crab Creek.

There’s always plenty to sniff at Quansoo.

Coquina says, “Almost any day at a beach is a grade A day!”

Coquina’s human approves of that message.

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