Welcome to thetompostpile.

The ‘Pile comes to you from a small Martha’s Vineyard homestead.

The TomPostPile will always be a work-in-progress. I will often write from an individual and strictly local point of view. Many things interest me. Words and language, music, books, tools, photography, art, the natural world, sense of place and community, telling stories, history, knowing weird stuff that might come in handy some day—the world is an endlessly interesting place. There will be no narrow theme to this blog.

Salt water is three miles away from home, as the goose flies. Step outside, almost any time, day or night, and you can hear breaking waves on the Atlantic shore, provided that the wind is not too strong. If the air is calm, or light from the north to northeast, you can  hear the ferry horn in Vineyard Haven, which is over eight miles away—-if you are listening.

At night it’s dark enough to see the stars without much light pollution.

Our location is as the song says: over the river, through the woods, and past grandmother’s house. Once past grandmother’s house, you go up the old dirt road a little more, and you’ll arrive at a few acres of rising ground at the foot of a ridge. This area was once Old Man West’s back cow pasture. For many years this spot was one of the town’s favorite blueberrying grounds.

Decades of trying to garden in the thin soil atop clayey glacial moraine has yielded one of the names of this place. That name is “Wishetwurra Farm”.

You will read more about The Farm in the ‘Pile.

From the roof of my first house, which burned to the ground one cold November night, many years ago, you could see the ocean. That view is gone, for trees have grown taller and obscured the view. We’re an inland kingdom, now.

I have been here for over sixty years, but have not lived here all my life.

Not yet.

Comments are welcome. Especially comments that take at least one step beyond “like”. If you’re going to say something, please add something more than a nod of your head.

If you like the blog, tell your friends.

All writing and photographs, unless otherwise noted, are copyright Thomas S. Hodgson.

Noncommercial use, with attribution, is OK, but please, please, ask first.

16 responses to “About

  1. Blogs are a wonderful way of seeing what’s going on in the world and hearing people’s opinions on issues great or small. But sometimes it can all become a bit of a headache. I’m quite happy to come across a blog like yours, devoted to the simple things in life and nature and presented in such an interesting, non-cheesy way. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog recently. I followed your comment to this blog and signed up. I love the “Wishitwurra Farm” name….too clever! When I read your bio about all of your interests, I surmised that you just might be a male version of me (not that this is a bad thing, mind you!)

  3. Hi there,
    I would like to use one of your images for an educational media release regarding an environmental watering event. The image is of a Grey Plover, found at . I was wondering if I could contact you privately regarding this matter


  4. Hello Tom. I am writing an article for “Emerging Civil War” (www.emergingcivilwar.com) on the two Massachusetts monuments that honor Confederate soldiers (the one other than the MV monument is in Boston Harbor, on Georges Island). I would like to use some of the photos on this blog post and, of course, will attribute them to you and link to your blog. May I use them?


    Rob Wilson
    N. Hatfield MA

  5. Since there’s no other way to contact you at present I will leave this here.
    I am in FB jail because I said that the followers of a certain widely popular western religion are “a plague”. FB deemed it hate speech.
    You have tried to guess why I am currently serving a sentence and I wanted to explain the real reason.

  6. I am seeking Tom Hodgson, Nancy Weadock’s son. I am a very old friend from Antioch and met Tom and Michelle around 1950 or 51. If you are he, do answer this email . I am living in Maplewood in West Yarmouth . Enid Weitz Rothenberg (774-470-4624)

  7. Hello,
    What do you know about the condition of the Nonamasset House?
    Thank you.

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