Seeing What You Can’t See

I’ve written before about how a photograph can allow you to see things you’d not ordinarily be able to notice.

The other day at the beach I saw a ship on the horizon. I put my camera on its strongest zoom setting, steadied it on a post, and took this photo.

Without the camera, without being able to look again later, none of these details would be visible.

Then there was the day I took some photos of the Black Point Beach marsh and plains.

It’s pretty down there.

Those pictures are often worth looking at carefully.
This one was.
There’s a deer in the photo.

See it?

I never saw the deer until I got home.

Speaking of using a camera to see what you can’t see, I encountered this article recently.
It’s about Nathan Myhrvold’s snowflake photography.

Here’s a link to the article.

Here’s to all the curious humans who take second looks or more!

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