Contemplations on Color

On a foggy January day, color, such as there is of it this time of year, tends to the quiet. Our atmosphere grades to diffuse grays. Distant evergreens become taupes,  charcoals, and other dark tones that only hint that their actual color, seen close, are  greens of pine and juniper.


January at Quansoo. 

Next to the creek, phragmites reeds, once lush green, have faded to siennas and tans and hints of brown. The ice reflects the fog. In the grass is a dog.


Coquina’s colors blend almost to perfection., 

Behind the dunes, american beachgrass, Ammophila, grows, lushly, beautifully adapted to the sand, salt, and wind. This time of year the grass bleaches to tans. So many tans.


Coquina walking in a world of tan. 

Highlights of beige and buff limn the fawns and fallows.

The camels and khakis of these stems are the true colors of this season.



This place of tan is just right for a tan dog.


Beachgrass: a good place to be scent. 


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