Pet fanciers buy all manner of toys and paraphernalia for their animal pals.

Buy that cat a twenty-dollar plush gewgaw, and what does it do?

Goes and sits in the gewgaw box, that’s what it does.

Toys are for the imagination, and the imagination isn’t fussy.

What did Coquina find in the yard the other day, and what gave her a heaping pile of free amusement?

A flimsy plastic flower pot.


















IMG_4495 (1)



IMG_4496 (1)




5 responses to “Pot’n’Pup

    • Malamutes are notorious diggers. My Trav doesn’t have a yard to dig in, but he has been known to dig in pots and containers when they’re on the deck. This is why I set them on the railing except when high winds threaten to blow them off. (It’s a two-story drop. I’ve lost some pots and unpotted some herbs that way.)

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