The Impossible Pup.

The pup is growing fast, these last few weeks.

IMG_4240 (3)

October 3, 2017. Coquina asleep in a lap, 


Somewhere around two weeks ago, her legs started to change.

To lengthen…

IMG_4223 (1)

October 2, 2017.  Tan pup asleep on tan couch. 


She met her Grandma Michele.

They got along just fine.


The Meeting. Coquina in Michele’s lap, October 9, 2017.

She’s gaining weight. She’s over eight pounds now. Her baby teeth are falling out and her bigdog teeth are growing in. Dog hair is replacing puppy hair, her behaviors keep changing, and she’s learning how to do realdog things, like sitting, and staying. Her energy and stamina have reached new levels.


She has now become a gangly lapful of doglet.


October 18, 2017. Coquina is now a two-seats lapful on the ferry.  


Throughout it all, she remains Coquina—

IMG_4471 (1)

Today, October 19, 2017


—the Impossibly Cute.

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