Wishetwurra Blooming

It’s the first of July.

There are blooms in the Wishetwurra Farm garden.

Here are a five for you.

A purple sweet pea.


Though much smaller, there are frills enough here to make any iris happy.

Down nearer the ground, nasturtiums shout out color.


Nasturiums radiate. Literally. Their colors, their flowers, their very leaves. 

A blue/lavender sweet pea.


I spent much of the day in the garden. From time to time the incredible odor of these flowers came to my nose on a breeze. There’s a reason these are named “sweet peas”.

The tomatoes are four feet high, with many blossoms.


Tomatoes are bred for food, not for flowers. The flowers have a pleasing and businesslike robustness to them. 

There are daylilies along the edge of the path through the garden.

This one’s edges are sinuous ruffles.


Summer warmth is finally settling in.

With the long days of first-early summer, the plants are growing fast.

In the next few days, I’ll put up the Herbert Poindexter Memorial Ladder Section, for a panoramic view photo of the garden.



4 responses to “Wishetwurra Blooming

  1. I think the nasturtium and the day lily and the purple sweet pea are particularly Ag Fair Photo Contest-worthy. So lovely!

    • Thank you…I confess that I’ve given up on entering photos at the Fair. By the time the vegetable and flower entries are done, getting to anything else is an afterthought…

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