To Follow a Walking Woman

When I have a camera in hand, I tend to get distracted by things I see. Maybe the better word is “attracted”.

One thing this means is that when my wife and I go for a walk, she will go at her pace and I will go at mine.

One result of this is that I have good stock of photographs of my wife from behind.


We’d had a fine walk to a place we’d never been before.


We were returning to the car.

I admired the echoing blues of shirt and sky.

P1080434 (1)

What a magnificent clear June day.


P1080437 (1)

Full bright sun reflected from the polished stalks of windbent grass.

P1080438 (1)

Downwind of us was marsh, whose fertile, salty smell mixed with scent of sunwarmed field limned with roses.

P1080439 (1)

Getting near the car…

P1080442 (1)

Another fine walk was had.

Not bad!

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