A Walk with Mr. G.


In our last post, we left you with this “teaser” image.


The other day, Mr. G. had come to visit for part of the morning and much of the afternoon.

He was all togged up for pea-picking. Reflective shades. Fancy sneakers. Patterned knee socks that came up to the bottom of his shorts. A bold solid-blue shirt.

The pièce de résistance?

A yellow bowtie.

Pea-picking was successful.

After that and other activities, we still had an hour ahead of us.

Hmmm—how about a walk to the waterfall?


The waterfall is a few minutes walk from the house.


We went over the bridge and down the bank to get a closer look.


There’s nothing like a bit of running water.


Big people like running water, too.


Then it was time to walk home.

Some people walked.


But Mr. G. flew part of the way.





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