LED Astray on the Night Path

Please don’t fall down when you come up the steps from the parking area.

We used to have some of those cheap solar rechargeable lights stuck in the dirt alongside the steps and path , but they have proved that they’re worth what we paid for them. Which was “not much”. They had gotten weaker over time. Interactions with lawn mowers and grandchildren often tipped them over or pulled them out of the ground. After they tip, their tops tend to come off. Then pieces start to wander about the yard.

The other day in the garden I found a lost top under a pile of mulch.

So a few days ago, while getting a prescription filled, we noticed two boxed ten-foot LED “rope lights”, with “50% off” stickers, waiting for us on a shelf,. We have some friends who use these lights along their entry path. Their lights have been there for years. So it seemed worth the candle to make the purchase and to try them out.

It didn’t take too long to install them.

I went out that night to check the light levels. And came right back in, to get the camera. After the first photograph, I had remembered that LED lights turn on and off, and  that they can leave interesting trails.

Here are the results of thetompostpile’s tomfoolery.


With a longish exposure, the camera was rotated.


Hmm, not bad…


My friend Lizzie called the one below, “wings of the seraphim”.


So this next must be a view of the back, and of a single wing?


These images were a lot of fun to make.


I hope you had fun looking at them.

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