Carpe Diem: Cedar Tree Neck.

Carpe diem.

The rare clement January day in New England calls out for one to walk.

Tomorrow will not be so nice, it could rain, or snow, or blow.

We must not procrastinate, we must not postpone.

We go now to Cedar Tree Neck, on our Island’s northern shore.


The north shore location means that anything that grows is subject to wind. Nothing grows straight. Contortion is rule, not exception.

From the parking area, we enter the woods under an arch of oak branch.  Along the path, in low spots, we cross a few small brooks,  then emerge at bluffs on the edge of the shore.  Vineyard Sound extends to our north and northwest.

Over all is sky of blue.


Dwarfed and wind-pruned shrubs at bluff’s edge. Twig and branch of huckleberry, blueberry, wild cherry, dog rose, and scrub oak all must battle wind and salt spray, so their growth favors the lee side. Woods Hole and Falmouth are the land in the distance.

Along the North Shore, wind trains anything that grows.


Silhouette, sunglint, and contrail-created clouds.

We take the path to the shore. Today the tide is especially low.


Aquinnah is the land you see afar.

We have left hilliness behind. Looking out from the beach, almost every line is horizontal.


Today’s tide is extremely low.

We loiter awhile.

But the wind, northwest, refrigerant, is too cool.


We go back, uphill, inland, to be warmer.

To visit with trees.


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