Photo Olio, Late July 2016

Anyone who takes and makes photographs always ends up with images that have interest but do not necessarily all fit together except in the kitchen sink. When posting groups of pictures of this sort, I usually call them “olios”. Why? Mostly because I like crossword puzzles. “Olio” is one of those words that appears again and again in crossword puzzles, undoubtedly  due to its happy preponderance of vowels.

The first photo is a thumbs-up.

A thumbs-up to olio, to miscellany, to salmagundi.


An unintended thumbs-up for family in the surf. 

To mixture, stew, concoction.


Learning to Surf.  

Blend, mix, stew.

P1100206 (1)

Learning to Surf II. 

Alloy, amalgam, association.


The Gooseneck Barnacle. 

Combo, hybrid, hodgepodge.


Sunday morning boat passengers, Falmouth, MA.

Grab bag, mixed bag, medley


From a streetside garden, Woods Hole, MA

Melange, patchwork, potpourri.

Let it all hang out…

P1100527 (1)

At the Woods Hole Community Art Show. 

Jumble, hash, concoction.

Promiscuous, motley, mongrel.

Thanks for visiting.

Hoping you enjoyed this oliotic pile from the ‘pile.

Y’all come back now.




One response to “Photo Olio, Late July 2016

  1. Olio is absolutely the correct term. The women on the boat elicit mellons on the way to market,

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