Wishetwurra Farm Garden Report: May 2013


We’re starting to have shade.

In the last week, the first trees to leaf out have been bursting buds, unfolding leaves, and are now thrusting out what will the the new stems of 2013. Dark, see-through skeletons are changing into solid and opaque shapes. The beech tree in between the shop and the house now is a bold light green mass. Blueberry bushes are greening mounds, covered with creamy blossoms, which in daytime are abuzz with servicing bumblebees.

The greenhouse door is open most of the time, even at night. Good ventilation is necessary. A sunny day can build up enough heat to dry or fry the flats of seedlings.

There’s another reason for keeping the door open. A pair of sparrows has set up housekeeping in the tangle of  weeds and rosemary bush in the back. They need access.


Contents: Zinnias, leeks, onions, corn, chard, parsley, mache, claytonia, poppy volunteers, lettuce, tomatoes, nasturtiums, rosemary, horseradish, lilies, tulips, and more.

From the lofty height of the Poindexter Memorial Ladder Segment we have our usual three views.

The North.


Our first cuttings of asparagus have begun. What else do you see? Rows of peas and their fencing, and the remains of last year’s leek patch. Strawberries abloom, and galloping garlic beds. rows of shallots and onions. And four unplanted beds.

The middle.


The near green is currant bushes, with yellow-green blossoms hanging. Then: sunflowers and borage along the fence, a bed of coles, a garlic bed, and then two unplanted beds. Then potatoes. Then another unplanted bed, a row of just-transplanted leeks, the early greens bed, and the lowest bed, heavily manured last year, still waiting for planting.

The South.


No need to repeat, except to mention the far section, which is now called “Mexico”. Mexico has been filled with three blocks of freshly transplanted corn. Two of red “Fioriano” flour corn, and one of “Painted Mountain” corn, also for grinding into meal.

Here are some closer views.


The Border. The western portion of the southern portion. Sunflower mixed with borage along the edge. They will have a few weeks of glory before the sunflowers fade and get floppy, and the borage grows out of control. But it will be fun for a while. In the first “real” bed are parsley, kales, brussels sprouts, broccoli, beets, chards, and cabbages. No Kings. Below that, garlic. We grow too much garlic.

Eastern portion of the southern portion.


Alliums and greens. Shallots, onions, scallions, and a host of spinaches. We’re trying out six or seven different spinach varieties.

Here are the test rows of spinach, and early planting and a later one.


Long-Standing Bloomingdale, Big Ruffles, Bordeaux, Space, Razzle-Dazzle, Donkey. Making up plant variety names must be about as much fun as naming paint colors.

What a busy time of year.

From the Optimism and Hope-For-The-Future Department comes a news item. We have planted two little cherry trees, a “Bing” and a “North Star”.  Bing for fresh eating, and North Star for pies and cooking.

Wish them luck, OK?


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