Beach Plum At Dawn

About forty years ago I planted a couple of beach plums. They prefer well-drained soil, which we don’t have much of here at Wishetwurra Farm. The only place that comes near to well-drained is an area behind a retaining wall, which was backfilled with sand. That’s where the beach plums went. They seem happy there. True to their nature, they bear erratically, some years we might only see a berry or two. Their best year gave us sheetrock buckets full of fruit.

One thing they yield every year comes in May.

That yield is an explosion of flowers that turn the bushes into floral cumulus clouds, that are at their peak for a week, if we’re lucky, if there is no wind, heavy rain, or storm.

The other day, the sun had not yet risen.

I looked out the kitchen window and saw the beach plum in bloom.

The sight inspired me to grab my camera and go get a few photos of this ephemeral phenomenon.

The sun was on its way, but not a treetop was yet lit.

Flowers and buds were backlit against the sky.

All was ready for the daylight.

I looked over at the kitchen window, from the outside this time, and reflected on all this beauty.

2 responses to “Beach Plum At Dawn

  1. So, they grow as small trees? Those that I see online look more like shrubbery, particularly where they grow on exposed beaches. I hope to maintain mine as big shrubbery. I certainly do not need any more plums or prunes here, but wanted to try these for a bit more variety. I am not concerned if they are not always productive.

  2. I just took my tape measure outside…the larger of the two beach plums is a bit over 7″ thick where it emerges from the ground. Height of top branches is a bit over 13′. Spread is about eight feet out from the trunk. If you want to keep them shrubby, modest yearly pruning should be all you need to do. The wild ones around here don’t get much bigger than the one I’ve got. The windy beach environment keeps them low.

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