Order of the Garter

We were walking the trails behind the house.

We are happy to report that the mayflowers are blooming.

If you find mayflowers, there is something you must do.

Get down on your hands and knees, and inhale.

The scent is heavenly.

Mayflower/Trailing Arbutus. (Epigaea repens) The name Mayflower was in tradition given to this flower by the Pilgrims after their ship, the “Mayflower”. The plant was abundant where the ship landed at Plymouth Rock. For this reason, it was chosen to be the state flower of Massachusetts. (Information from Wikipedia.)

“STOP”, came an order from ahead.



We paused to admire a sunbathing garter snake.

I took a portrait.

The Common Garter Snake. A fascinating critter. If you want to read more, go here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garter_snake

— and then gently touched its tail.

It “unfroze” and went away, through the fallen leaves, to the base of some nearby oaks.

Taking its example, we unfroze and went away too, along the paths amid the oaks.

One response to “Order of the Garter

  1. Ah, love those little creatures…..we have them in our meadow where our veggie garden and flowers are planted. Always consider it a good omen when they come along – ours are darker, almost black with bright yellow stripes. We also have tiny little bright green frogs that jump gayly in the grasses towards late summer, popping up in front of me while I’m traversing the acreage, changing hose positions. I’m sure the garter snakes are thrilled with their presence as well:)

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