Another Day, Another Beach Trip

One of my jobs is at the beach.

So in spring, this old man’s fancy turns to preparation for the summer ahead.

One annual chore is to place pallets on the path to the beach.

The path requires around thirty pallets, which means four trips with the truck.

This day was trip number two.

Christine & Coquina came along for the ride.

They also came for the beach.

We arrived a little after three o’clock in the afternoon.

When the sunstripe is in the middle…

When the sunstripe is in the middle: the walkway is aligned almost exactly north to south. Twice a day a shadow from one of the railings will be in the middle of the way. Photo taken at 3:17PM, April 14, 2021, Black Point Beach, Chilmark, Massachusetts.

C & C went for a stroll along the shore while I unloaded and placed the pallets. When done, I went to the beach also. We lay in the sun, in the lee of the wind, and were warm and content. Coquina dug the deepest hole she’s ever dug, and she was content also.

After a while it was time to go.

Shadows were lengthening.

As we passed through the dunes, shadows and patterns caught my eye.

So many rhythms!

Every trip to the beach yields treasure for the eyes and soul.

I went back and forth, admiring.

And then it really was time to go back.


From the top of the dunes there was still more treasure.

A good afternoon was had by all.

I took some pictures.

And left eight more pallets on the path.

We left footprints.

And Coquina left a hole.

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