Carpe Corpus Cervus

I don’t know if my Latin is any good, but as we arrived at Quansoo late last December, we saw turkey vultures in the sky to our south.

They are magnificent fliers.

When we reached the shore, we turned left, to head west down the beach.

I saw a vulture flying down towards the earth on the other side of the dunes, and went to take a look.

There were vultures gathered around something on the shore of Black Point Pond.

More of the birds were descending to join them.

I had the telephoto lens camera, and zoomed in to see what they’d found.

They’d found a bonanza.

The carcass of a deer.

Nature’s cleanup crew.

This happened two and a half months ago.

For some reason I haven’t felt like posting these images sooner.

One of these days I should go back and see what’s left.

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