Second Month Selections

I’ve been looking back on February’s photos, and have made a few selections.

The month had good days for beach walks.

With the dog, of course.

Tisbury Great Pond is a fine place to go.

The Second Month of the year is February.

The weather can be gelid.

Coquina doesn’t mind gelid.

In fact, she happily goes out and lies down on it.

When it’s gelid, the garlic’s leaves in the garden go dormant.

Though the garlic sleeps aboveground, underground the roots grow whenever the earth is not frozen.

Garlics are in the allium family. So are onions. So are leeks. In the garden, our heavily mulched leeks can be dug any time.

The 28th of February was a milestone on the way to the summer solstice.
On February 28th we had gained a second hour of daylight, compared to the winter solstice.

The increased light means that chickens are starting to lay more eggs.



What’s Februa, anyway?

I never knew, so I looked it up. Februa was a name for a festival the Romans had this time of year, a festival of purification, named for the god Februus…the festival is said to have been started by the Sabines.

(Here’s some hot stuff from Wiki: “Februus may have become the Roman Febris, goddess of fever (febris in Latin means fever) and malaria. These are possibly connected with the sweating of fevers, which was considered a purgative, washing, and purification process.”)

In 1752, the Quakers decided they were done with the custom of using pagan names for the months, and from that time referred to months by number.

This post’s title is a nod to their two hundred and sixty-nine years old rejection of tradition.

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