Aleatory Album

I appreciate random.

John Cage was a fan of random.

You may have heard of his piece “4′ 33”.

You can listen to that piece anytime…

Just stop: and listen for four minutes and thirty-three seconds.

In Cage’s honor, I asked the God of the Random Number Generator to give me four numbers.

“4878” was the reply.

Here’s what 4878 got us.

“Publix” supermarket house-brand cookies, in a package designed by a genius. SW Florida, 2009
Family members relax in yard. One pats dog. August 2010
Jorge’s incredible home-built farm cart, using bicycle front forks instead of an axle. Prundedale, CA, May 2011
In the bamboo grove, Costa Rica, March 2014
Army ant soldier, Costa Rica, February 2015
Looking out a taxicab window at 3:56AM, somewhere in the streets of San José, Costa. March 2016
A package of Japanese tomato seeds. Oppama, Japan, March 2018
Coquina and her pal Rico, horsing around in the living room. Falmouth, MA, November 2019

Thank you for coming on this random journey.

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