The Icy Pond is Open

Martha’s Vineyard is four miles off the coast of Cape Cod. All that surrounding water tempers our climate. Over on the mainland, January is the usual coldest month. Since water holds heat, our seasons lag the mainland, and February is our usual coldest month. We’ve just had the coldest two weeks of the year so far.

When we went to Quansoo at the beginning of the month, there was ice, but there was thaw also.

The Pond was getting high.

Looking East From The Crab Creek Bridge, Quansoo.

Yesterday, eleven days later, we returned to Quansoo to walk our favorite dog.

She had been so bored she’d gone outside to lie down on the ice.

The first thing we noticed was that the Pond was down.

Looking East From The Crab Creek Bridge, Quansoo.

I’m always a little sad when I miss the active part of a Quansoo opening and outflow. It’s such a dramatic event.

We ran into an acquaintance, talked for a while, and then went over the dunes to the beach. The tide was wicked low. The flats near the Opening were as exposed as you ever see them. The old channels from previous openings were plain to see. Water coursed strongly out, seeking the lower level of the Atlantic.

Flats at the Quansoo Opening

Still plain on the beach snow were the tracks of the excavator that opened the Pond


Tisbury Great Pond Opening, mid-February, 2021

The outflow from the Pond had cut well and deeply.

Then it was time to return to the truck by way of the pondside shore.

Crab Creek was shallow enough to cross with knee-high boots.

You may remember that Coquina is not at all fond of water.

Christine and Coquina cross Crab Creek, February, 2021

But Coquina loves her humans enough to follow them almost anywhere they go.

What a good dog.

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