Snow in the Air II

Another day came and it was time for another session down at Black Point.

The morning dawned all rosy.

I was hoping to finish, but had started work a little late. I stayed really focused on the job until late afternoon, when a lightshow started in the southwest. The sun had moved under the cloud deck. I ignored the blasts of red and orange color as long as I could. But gave up, and ran for the phone, to take some pictures. On the way back from the truck, I stopped for a couple of quick pix, in case it was going to be too late by the time I reached the dunes and the shore.

Thump, thump, thump, I trotted down the resonant boards of hundreds of feet of walkway.

At the top of the dunes I saw this.


The last of the sun was disappearing over Squibnocket.

As there had been the day before, there were snow showers drifting over Nomans.

This January has had some fine sunsets.

I went back to work, then cleaned up, stored the tools, and made the walkway safe for foot passage.

Tomorrow’s windchill is forecast to be minus eleven fahrenheit, so I won’t be back until the weather warms.

Maybe Monday.

I took one last photo before heading home.

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