Snow in the Air

The weather for January has been milder than usual. I’ve taken the last few weeks to work on a repair project down at Black Point, fixing up the walkway/causeway. It can be chilly here, but it’s a nice “office” to toil in.

This flat marshy ground is a good place to watch the weather. Almost the full “hemisphere” of the heavens is visible. Yesterday’s weather was varied. The day started with a period of gentle snow flurries. Then the wind moved more to the west and northwest, the sky cleared, and the sun held forth a good part of the day.

Just before four o’clock, for a few moments, the sky to the north went rosy.

As the day moved towards sunset, a big bank of clouds moved in.
With them came more robust flurries, some of which gave distant Noman’s a good dusting.

To the east, snow hit Edgartown and the Katama shore.

The clouds were dramatic.

The sun tried for a peekaboo setting, but couldn’t quite break through.

More snow was on the way.

I walked back to the truck, pausing to take one more photo of the office.

The flakes came on, first “scouts”, scudding on the northwest breeze, and then more and more of them, attacking ever more strongly as I drove away.

Soon headlights and windshield wipers were required for visibility.

There was almost a half an inch of snow on the ground when I got home.

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