Wee Deer Dallies Near Door

We looked out the other morning and there was this little deer in the yard.

Wee deer dallies in our yard.

The camera doesn’t always do what your brain wants it to do. In one of the pics I took, the camera focused on the windowscreen, accidentally pixellating the image.

The little thing poked around, and nibbled on remnant plants in our flower garden.

At this point in time, we were both at the window.

We picked up Coquina, who was very, very, interested.

“Deer” is one of the words in her vocabulary.

She didn’t bark, but she did quiver with excitement.

Doglet wanted to go out, but we told her “Nope!”.

It’s an awfully small deer for this time of year. Last summer we used to see it with a same-size companion, but one of the pair has vanished. Even in the spring we never saw the mother. A hunter friend who watches and studies the deer in our neck of the woods told us that the mother had died when the two fawns were small.

The wee thing isn’t too smart about keeping a distance from cars or even from people. A month or two ago when there were still two, I encounted them in the middle of our road. Even though I was going all of five miles an hours, they didn’t have the sense to get out of the way.

I had to stop the truck, roll down the window, and ask them to please, move!

Life can be confusing when you’re an early orphan.

One response to “Wee Deer Dallies Near Door

  1. Ohhhhh, do you have any deer rescue places around who take in ones like these? We have them here in Oregon.

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