Ocean Park Light Painted

We went out of the house after dark.

And drove around in the car.

Something we have not done since Covid.

We went to see if there were Christmas lights.

There were some lights in Vineyard Haven.

Then we drove on.

Ocean Park in Oak bluffs was getoutofthecarworthy.

We parked the truck, and gotout.

Ocean Park lights reflecting on the hood of the truck.

Dog’n’madam gotout.

We spent a pleasant, if chilly, half hour wandering about the park.

Give me lights and a camera, and I will play.

Ocean Park Gazebo, lit for the holidays

Then we drove the long way home, we passing through Edgartown before heading west to West Tisbury.

A good time was had by all.

3 responses to “Ocean Park Light Painted

  1. Please play more often, wonderful! A most Merry Christmas to you three. You make a difference:)

  2. Expect to see one of these in the Abstracts of the Photography Exhibit at the Fair next August. Merry Christmas! – A Vineyard neighbor you’ve not met but who always enjoys your photos. You light up my life!

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