Coquina The Pyrophile

Coquina adores heat.

She loves the fire.

Now that it’s chilly outside and we’ve got the woodstove going, she comes and plops herself down on the little rug in front of of the old Jotul and soaks up the rays. She’ll often go to sleep. She gets hot to the touch. Does she dream of planked salmon?

When next to the stove and not sleeping, she’ll often spend long periods of time staring through the glass door at the flames inside.

What is she thinking? Is she thinking? Sometimes I stare at the fire and I don’t think at all, and it’s lovely.

Does her love of fire and heat harken back to neolithic times, back to the first days of dogs and humans establishing their unique relationship?

Whatever it is, she has adored fire since she was a pup.

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