Quansoo and the River of Time

Humans are lousy witnesses. Our eyes and brains are incredible organs, but they have their failings. One of which is that you can’t go back in time and review what it was that you just saw. One of the miracles of the camera is that each exposure captures and stops a moment in time, and that image becomes a sort of “time machine” that allows you to revisit particular moments and to study them at leisure. With your photo at hand you can take a dive into of the river of time and notice what you failed to notice while immersed in the instant.

That happened to me at Quansoo.

Christine, dog, and I were on the homeward stretch of a walk on a windy afternoon. I was lagging behind, as usual. We were watching kitesurfers as they zoomed, skimmed, and sometimes soared.

One approached the shore where Christine was standing.

He turned, and rose into the sky, pulled up by the strong wind.

And I didn’t see it.

At home that evening, going through the afternoon’s exposures, I still almost missed it.

And then I saw it.

Do you see it?

Thank you, cameratimemachine.

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