Mid-November’s Splashes

We’re headed into the third week of November. We’ve had some beautiful stretches of “Indian Summer” this fall. In the last two weeks almost all the leaves have fallen from the trees.

Under the Beech Tree, Mid-November, 2020

I took a wander around the yard, to savor the last splashes of color.

Under the Japanese Maple.

We have some amsonia, “blue milkweed”, in our garden beds. I’m always a little ambivalent about it. Most of the time it’s just a green thing that gets bigger every year. Ho hum. And then for a few weeks this time of year, it goes yellow. Nicely yellow, too.

The Amsonia’s Last Hurrah.

We have two different Amsonias. One has really narrow leaves.

The Amsonia’s Farewell

In the vegetable garden are patches of earth sown to oats for the winter.

“Zap”-green oats.

My grandmother’s old hydrangea’s blossoms are fading to tan.

A friend gave me some wildflower mix, which yielded this late surprise.

In the fenceline of this garden is a remnant sassafrass that keeps regrowing.

I don’t really want it there, but it’s been pretty darn colorful.

Crimson splash of fall sassafrass.

The forecast for tonight is the low twenties.

There will be ice.

Winter nears.


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