Thanksgiving 2020

This has been a wicked exhausting year, with way too much heat and way too little light.

As I’ve been thinking about the dislocation and turmoil we’ve been enduring, I’ve also been thinking that one of our great American Holidays comes later this month. A holiday that centers not on buying stuff, but one that brings our thoughts to thanks, to family, to friendship, and to sharing.

We could all use a dose of that.

Because of the virus, people are being urged not to travel, not to gather, for fear of spreading the Covid-10 virus. Thanksgiving will be held more in isolation than in communion this year. How can we observe this holiday of “gathering” and thanks in a helpful and hopeful way?

Here’s a thought…one that’s not fully developed. But, what if neighbors and friends could still have celebratory meals by sharing the making at home of menu items, and delivering those items to a group of like-minded friends and family this Thanksgiving?… One household makes the pies, another the peas, another the squash…

Yet another prepares the potatoes, another the turkey and gravy, and so on. Those who can’t cook could see to getting bottles of beverages, of wine or sparkling cider…

The WHO says “There is currently no evidence that people can catch COVID-19 from food, including fruits and vegetables.”

If food is prepared with care, and delivered in a socially distanced manner, we could help each other make the Thanksgiving of 2020 a happy, healing, and helpful holiday.

3 responses to “Thanksgiving 2020

  1. Wonderful, very welcome idea! If you MVers do get this organized…this Heartlander is with you in spirit! If I could participate, I would make my ever-favorite smoked duck- a recipe taught me by my very first Japanese friend on Okinawa in the early ‘60s !!! I could share the recipe anyway!

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