Cute. Coddled. Coquina.

If you were going to reincarnate as an animal, you’d be doing OK to come back as a cute, coddled, Coquinadog.

You all know that she’s been cute since Day One.

CCC as a pupppy.

Now three years old, Coquina is a dab hand at working the runway.

Well-dressed dogs always sport red during hunting season.

She knows how to give us the stinkeye when it’s time for a walk and we’re still getting ready to walk out the door.

Ahem. Isn’t it about time we left?

When the dog travels, she travels in comfort and style.

How to travel on the ferry: asleep, in the warm lap of a beloved human. And don’t forget the potted palm in the bud vase, please…

Halloween is still five days away, but Coquinadog is ready.


It’s a dog’s life…

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