Early Autumn Sepiessa: Colours, Contours, and Contortions.

Last week, partly by courtesy of big ole Hurricane Teddy, we had a strong northerly airflow. Evenings became fire-in-the-fireplace chilly. We burned up a barrel of old cedar shingles and various other chunks of wood that were too irregular to fit in the woodshed stacks. The ocean temperature fell from 70°F to 64°F. Shirts were worn.

For several days now the wind has been from the south and southwest. We’ve warmed up considerably.

Came a sunny and warm afternoon. The debate between the humans was: “Kayak or Sepiessa Walk”? Coquina heard the word “walk”, and with a show of enthusiam for “walk”, cast the deciding vote. Off we went.

At the boat landing we saw that the Pond was getting high.

At the boat landing on Short Cove we saw that the goldenrod was yellow.

Fall goldenrod

We parked the truck at roadside, and then took the path to the point.

On the path was a veteran oak.

A fine tree, with the sort of trunk that only adversity can create.

Contorted trunk of ancient oak.

The colours of autumn were a-coming in.

Huckleberry reds

The prevailing southwest winds of summer sculpt the trees into distinctive shapes.

A landscape’s shapes

We took a right turn, to head south to the shore.

Our friend Gail is in the distance.

We loitered a while with Gail, enjoying each others’ company, the sun, and the strong and steady sound of the southwind’s surf on the barrier beach.

Foam sweet foam

Coquina said she was hot, what with all her fur and all, so we four strolled back from where we’d come. Gail went to her car, and we headed for some shady woods. We encountered another oak of contortionate beauty.

White oak

Once we turned down the path we encountered yet another.


These weather twisted trees are one of the great wonders of this island.

This woods path crossed the point and ended at Tiah’s Cove.

A distant egret paid us no mind.

Egret on Tiah’s Cove

In the still air and calmness of water, reflections rippled.

Tiah’s Cove reflections

The head of the cove was tinged with autumn colour.

Head of Tiah’s Cove.

Another day soon, we will come back.

To kayak.

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