Circle Game

A friend of mine has been playing a color game on the intertubes…she post the name of a color, and asks that people contribute photographs with that color in them. Her most recent request was for beige. Below, you will see the first “beige” photo I found in my files. And look at all those circles!

Upside-down beige lampshade. Why does a person even take a photo like this?

As I scrolled along after finding the lampshade photo, what should I find but another “circle” photo.

Raspberry pie and cheddar cheese. Us New England people like cheese with pie.

Two circle photos, brought up the question, “Is this circle-picture a thing I do often?”

Andy Warhol quote plate, found somewhere online, and screenshotted.

Andy made three…were there more?


What’s a hippy van for?

Sticker in the window of an ancient VW microbus. Location: Manhattan Beach, California.

Another LA-area circle showed up.


Plaster “medallion” on stucco-clad buildingwall, LA Area, California.

Number six came quickly…and pretty, too.

The circular blossoms of Bellis perennis, the English Daisy.

And then came number seven.

Blank WHOI Coastal Survey medallion. I don’t know much about this, except that it was among my father’s personal effects after he died. He had worked at WHOI or decades.

After seven circles, I’d had enough, since my cup of tea was gone and daylight had arrived.

Perhaps you have had enough also, but if you should see any circles today, take the time to notice and appreciate them! Circles don’t get enough credit these days.

Maybe I’ll write about circles again some day.

Not tomorrow.

But I’ll get “around” to it.


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