Post “Post Post” Post

A few days ago I posted a post about a post.

Coquina and the Black Point Post.

I promised to go to the beach again the next day, so I could post about the post again. Christine and Coquina and I went to the beach the next day, as promised, but as we were leaving, Dog was too cute, and stole the headlines.

Coquina stole the scene.

Now it’s another day, and time for take two.

We did go back to the beach. High tide was a little after noon, so we took lunch for a picnic. Of course Coquina came.

As expected, the surf had increased in size and power.

Water frequently reached the dune toe.

Hurrican Teddy waves chew at the base of the dunes.

The wavewash was reaching the post.

The swells were powerful.

Super south beach surf with photobombing tree swallow.

A light northish breeze lifted the spray from the wavetops up, and back.

Hurricane Teddy surf, Black Point Beach, September 2020

My friend Claire G. went to another of our South Shore beaches, and got this next super shot. Waves this good on our part of the East Coast are so rare that these Teddywaves are already the stuff of story among our Island surfers.

Squibnocket Surfing. Hurricane Teddy swells. September 2020 (photo by Claire G.)

Since yesterday, more sand had moved in, and only the tip of the last post was visible.

A moment later came another demonstration of how the sand arrives.

Yes, my feet got wet.

See you later, post top.

Or maybe not?

And thanks for reading this “Post ‘Post Post’ Post”…

One response to “Post “Post Post” Post

  1. Great post! The photos ar e fabulous and the narrative entertaining. I love the Quansoo posts the best as I’m off-island looking after 90 yr old parents in Georgia, and Quansoo is my very favorite place on the Island. Your posts keep me going until I can get back home to the Vineyard. Many thanks! – Lynn

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