A Vanishing Post

In the winter, a sandbar usually forms off South Beach. It’s an annual, natural, seasonal seasonal phenomenon.

Last winter, the bar did not form in the area around the Black Point Beach main entry path. All winter long, the full force of the Atlantic swells arrived unattenuated to the sand. Along fifteen hundred of beach, waves reached the shore directly, and chewed. And chewed. By late Spring, what was once a smooth transition from dune to water was an eight to twenty foot high dropoff. Not a problem for an agile young human or an agile young dog, but a bit of a problem for the old of the physically challenged.

In early June, a little dog ascends the “steeps” of eroded dune.

What to do? We shoveled some sand to make the slope less. I bought fifty feet of thick, soft rope from the local lumberyard, cut some sassafrass posts from my woods, and made a “railing” to help folks descend and ascend.

In late June, the slope had been shoveled smoother, and the handrail was installed. Here we seeeth a fayre ladie who demonstrateth the use thereof.

Time and tide did not wait. Over the course of the summer the bar has begun to re-form. Sand has been returning to the washed-out section of beach. Hurricane Paulette passed recently. Her swells swept up more sand, and by last week, the handrail had turned into an anklegrabber.

Coquina sniffs the sand. She’s not a post kind of dog.

A few days later the rope-end had disappeared.

The swells have been magnificent.

The waves have been reaching other parts of the beach, digging out sand which will wash back up elsewhere.

Yesterday when Coquina and I went to the beach to bring in rescue buoy posts, the waves were bringing in more sand, further burying post and rope.

Today, Hurricane Teddy is forecast to make its closest approach to our area. Gale and high surf warnings have been posted. This day’s forecast high tide is 12:17PM.

Care to guess where we’re going to be around noontime today?

We hope we don’t get washed away.

Photographs will be taken.

Stay tuned for an appearing post.

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