Changing Seasons

The season is changing.

Summer is yielding to fall. We’ve had our first fires in the fireplace. We’re planting cover crops and putting the garden to “bed” for the winter. Soon we will plant garlic. We’re deep-cleaning the pantry and replacing items we’ve run out of. It’s time to go get another bag of flour.

We’ve had almost no rain since the end of May. Drought is deepening. The beetlebungs, the sassafrass, the poison ivy, the sumacs — without much water, they are giving up early, they’re turning color, and starting to yield their leaves.

Maroons creep into the beetlebung’s summer green. White pine doesn’t care.

The first of Wishetwurra Farm’s black beans are ready for harvest.

One of the individual plants has produced a surprise.

A surprise from the black bean patch. We shall plant these next year to see if there is a repeat performance. Perhaps there will be a mendelian mix? Stay tuned!

Speaking of black and white…

Here is a black-and-white of a young beech tree.

Behind it is one of the Vineyard’s famous “lace” style stone walls.

We’ve been spending time at the beach almost daily.

Sand has been shifting.

Not many weeks ago the “short” endpost was standing as far above the surface as its half-hitched neighbor.

Yesterday the beach was feeling pretty black-and-white. Weather was moving in. The light was diffuse. Color almost vanished.

In the dunes was an aeolian souvenir…

Arcing chattermarks in the sand, created by wind-whipped grassblades.

It’s the time of year to bring in the rescue buoy stations.

Here I am with one on my back.

The season is changing.

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