Good Dog

It has been just about exactly three years since Coquina Dog came into our life. She was a scared little pup when we first saw her. You’d be scared too, if you’d been put in a crate and stacked up on top of other crates of dogs, jammed into a big van, and driven away in the night. The scents and sounds must have been terrifying.

Into Christine’s arms she came.

I didn’t want a pet, but didn’t get to say no…
And then I couldn’t say no…the puppy turned me into mush.

When you’re a puppy, you’re also resilient, and when life changes, you can adapt. Look how her ears changed from the first to the second day!

(Just slide the arrow thingy back and forth to see the two images…)

In a week she was trotting confidently into her new life.

There are ‘postpiles aplenty dedicated to this dog. Go search “Coquina” or “Dog”, to see how life has been for us and for this wonderful animal. She’s an adult dog now, still playful, still interested, still interesting, and still an amazingly loving and friendly critter. She’s smart, and has a decent vocabulary. She knows many of her favorite people by name.

Most mornings after eating, Coquina will grab a stuffed toy and lure us to a sofa. Object: to bond with and to receive attention from her humans. Yesterday morning, she had gotten us on either side of her, and Christine
was telling her that she was going to go away to the hospital for some tests that morning, but would come back. 
I said to the dog, “Mom’s going to the vet…”
Coquina’s head snapped around and she looked at Christine with an expression of great worry and concern.

We did our best to reassure her.

And yes, Mom came back.

What a dog!

2 responses to “Good Dog

  1. After such a harrowing journey, it is somewhat of a miracle that she lived through it to tell the tale – er, wag her tail!

  2. She is beyond precious but who knew how brilliant?! Thanks for this. Many positive thoughts for Christine and her tests at the ‘vets’.

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