Twenty Inch Bluefish

My friend DB calls at unpredictable times. While the time may not be predictable, the reason for any given call often is, for the word is often “fish”. Sometimes when she catches something, she’ll share. She comes by, I sharpen the fishknife, and as often as not, we photograph the catch and then clean and filet it. She’ll get one side, we’ll get the other. The garden gets the carcass. After a period of decay, the carcass will be plant food. Around and around we go.

DB’s most recent unpredictability concerned her first bluefish of the season.

Blues can get bigger than this twenty-incher, but a single filet from a fish this size is a very nice meal.

These animals are beautifully colored swift swimmers.

Their eyes are set forward, and high enough to make it easy for them to see their prey as they rise up from below.

A New Englander might describe their teeth as “wicked sharp”.

If you’re a minnow and see this mouth coming toward you, you’d best look sharp, lest you become a meal.

Those bluefish teeth can cut plain fishing line in a jiffy. If you think you might catch a bluefish, and would like to bring it all the way to shore, you should probably have a wire leader in front of your lure. And if you catch a blue, you need to be careful while unhooking, because those those teeth can cut you in a jiffy, too.

Thank you, DB.

One response to “Twenty Inch Bluefish

  1. Perfect size for a filet for two. Nothing better than fresh bluefish. A splash of white wine during the last few minutes of cooking cuts out any fishy taste for the squeamish.

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