Did You Know? Ellisville is a Gem.

In the beginning of August, I took a day trip to Boston to spend a bit of time with some daughters and family I’d not seen in way too long, on account of distance, and then, on account of the COVID-19 virus pandemic. We met, masked, for a take-out meal.

Our rendezvous was early afternoon, but I took an early ferry off-island. The home larder needed to be restocked. Groceries on the mainland can cost half what they do on the Vineyard! There were errands to run. And I wanted some time to randomly take back roads instead of the divided highway to Beantown.

The Gods of Random were kind. The first stop after crossing the Cape Cod Canal was Sagamore Beach. A nice little seaside town, with windy roads along shore-edge hills and bluffs. I had a drink and a snack at an overlook above a Town beach, and then continued north towards the city.

Not long afterwards I came around a bend in the road and saw a fine saltmarsh, full-green, and full of high-tide water.

The marsh extended for acres, and almost no houses were in view.

There was a distant shore and an opening to Cape Cod Bay beyond.

What is this place?

My maps told me that it was Ellisville Harbor. And that I had found Ellisville Harbor State Park. I found the parking area and spent a really nice next few hours walking around.

Herebelow are some photos of the area.

There’s nothing like the smell of saltmarsh on a sunny summer day.

The skeleton of an old oak framed the entry to the beach.

What an enjoyable “discovery”!

Then messages came by phone from daughters, the rendezvous place and time were given. It was time to leave Ellisville, alas.

I’ll go back sometime.

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