Coquina and Okini. Part One.

You’ve met Coquina.

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 7.51.08 AM

Meet Okini.

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 7.48.57 AM

Okini and Coquina are almost exactly the same age. Okini is a little smaller, but has just as much energy and zip as Coquina. Coquina and Okini are good friends. Really good friends. If you want to rouse Coquina, all you have to say is “Okini”, and she’ll jump right up, look around, and then be ready to head for the door.

Almost every Thursday afternoon, Coquina and Okini get to spend time together, when their mistresses Christine and Christa, go for a walk.

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 7.47.05 AM

Setting off for the Thursday walk… 

They love to rassle and tussle.

Despite a slight size difference, these two dogs are well-matched.

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 8.07.31 AM


Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 8.08.47 AM

Let’s go!

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 8.09.35 AM

And down the road they go.

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 8.12.38 AM

Coquina and Okini.

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 8.14.01 AM

Best buddies…



(To be continued…)

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