Portraits on a Rainy Afternoon

Coquina was resting on her favorite spot on the top of the sofa near the window. It’s a comfy place, though a bit narrow. The attraction, other than the fact that it’s comfortable, is that she gets a good view of the yard, just in case anything exciting happens. You never know when a squirrel or a UPS truck will show up. It’s best to be ready.

Christine was reading and resting on the sofa also.


Sensing opportunity, I grabbed a camera (the phone) and started to take pictures.

Coquina’s resting rear slowly slid down the sofa.

The rest of her followed.


She landed between the sofaback and her favorite human.


They’re very fond of each other, these two.





IMG_4338 (1)

Rainy afternoon drowsiness soon got the better of Coquina.


And she drifted off.


Perhaps to dream…

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