Stone Wall, Revisited and Crossed Over

Here is one photograph for you to consider.

When I pressed the shutter for this picture, I thought, “Oh, I hope I got that.”

With a little cropping, I think I might have.


My artist friend RW liked this photo a lot, saying she admired all that was embedded in the image. She had some other nice things to say, which I won’t repeat, because you might think I was bragging.

Sometimes you, dear readers, don’t comment much.

That’s OK, but……

There’s no charge for the tompostpile, it’s a labor of love.

The commentary, comments, and dialog with you who see these posts are the “payment” that helps keep me photographing and writing.

So please don’t be shy!

6 responses to “Stone Wall, Revisited and Crossed Over

  1. I forget to scroll down past the ad, to remind myself that a response would be fun for both of us, same as I enjoy them on other platforms, mainly instaG. I look forward to checking in and seeing some of what my brainy talented friend Thomas Silent g Hodgson has been up to! Lizzy

  2. For other horticultural articles, I try to comment less than I have been because I know I tend to get carried away. I comment even less for yours because I am not so artistically inclined. I just like to see the flora. I am sorry that I do not have much more to say that is actually relevant to your photography.

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