Tiger House Floor

We and family were snaking around the Tokyo Zoo (Ueno Zoological Gardens) when we came to the Tiger House. People were waiting outside to get in.


Waiting to see the tiger?

Actually, the tiger was outside in an enclosure. The house was for the people. We went inside. Due to the crowds, it took some minutes of waiting before you could even get in. Or actually see much of anything.

Oh! There! The tiger!


The tiger did not seem to notice the admirers at the window. 

While waiting to get in I looked down at the ground.

I thought…”That’s interesting.. ”


The floor was made of squares of wood. Groups of nine squares, glued or fastened onto some kind of base, to make a tile.


I sure do like this flooring system. You could make these tiles from the scrap two-by-four pieces that pile up at almost any construction site. You could probably also scrounge up enough scrap plywood for tile bases.

The floor was such an appealing notion for my thrifty Yankee heart that I almost forgot about the tiger. In my mind I was suddenly building a floor like this…


What a good idea!

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