The Flowers that Bloom in…

I love spring.

With every week we are in Japan, spring takes fuller hold.

And spring means flowers.

Here’s a collection of blooms, taken in the last day or so.


Calendula. Uno Port alleyway.



Double camellia. Tsumuura.



At home in the stones. Shonantakatori.



Steps flowerboxes. Species unknown. Shonantakatori.




Cherry blossoms over the street. Shonantakatori.



Patch of spring bulbs. Shonantakatori.



Street tree cherry blossoms, sprung from the very trunk. Shonantakatori.




Hellebore. Shonantakatori.


IMG_3888 (1)

Violets, sprung from under granite curbing.


…the Spring, Tra La!


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