Medusae from a Pier: Naoshima

One of our stops on this Japan trip was Naoshima, an island in the Seto Sea.


We came to this island to experience its constellation of major and minor art museums. The island is small, walkable, bikeable, place. There’s a shuttle bus for those who want it. There are a lot of Naoshima posts in the pipeline…this is but the first.

We were standing on a pier, admiring all that was around us, when Christine looked down to see a number of jellyfish in the water below.


There was little wind, and there were no waves to obscure our view. Theyy were swimming slowly in a gentle current.


Along came another, large one, we think it was a “lion’s Mane”. A friend of ours who’s spent many years in Japan says their stings are painful, and to be feared.


The undulating surface of the water distorted our view.


Thanks to the camera’s ability to seize an instant of time, we can see these distortions at leisure.


From time to time I let myself go with the photo-editing tools.

Aspects of the animal’s structure became more apparent.


Radial symmetry.



Imagine a life like this.


You’d know your center.



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