Rest Stop

Halfway to Kyoto. Time to stop.

We loop off the highway to a huge rest stop, and stroll though the parking lot to the facility. We pass a Nissan car with a model name that catches my eye. Back home, “Silvia” is a common last name. What Silvia wouldn’t get a kick out of driving a Silvia?


Here’s an interesting machine. I’ve never seen anything like it in the States. Here’s a society that pays attention.


It was time to empty bladders.


Time to feed ourselves and the children.

P1270495 (1)P1270498

In one of the shopping areas you could buy snacks for noshing on while driving.

Fish spinal columns were on offer.


So were key chains, toy cars, flashlights, and more…


Piano black.

Piano brown.


As we exited, a vending machine offered “Morning Shots”.


Our last glimpse of the rest area was of three pump attendants, taking advantage of a lull in business to do some exercises.

P1270514 (1)

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