Some Children.

I am a bit shy when it comes to photographing people. I wish I were a little braver about it, but that’s the way it is. I’m trying to take more people pictures while here in Japan. Here are some attempts.

This was an accident. A little girl photobombed my photograph of the wood paving blocks around the Tiger Building. She did good. IMG_0829

I can’t eavesdrop on conversations. But one was going on…IMG_0830

We were at the Ueno Zoo in downtown Tokyo. So there were many children.IMG_0836

From a ritual firewalk we attended in the mountains north of Tokyo today.P1260931 (1)

After the firewalk, in the plaza around the Nature Museum, two “smalls” ran by me.

This was the first one. P1270016

And this was the second. P1270018


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