Some Animals

In our first foray into downtown Tokyo we went to to the Ueno Zoological Gardens.


Shinobazuno Pond, Ueno Zoological Gardens, Tokyo, Japan

I am ambivalent about zoos. For people to be able to see a living animal is a great public good. Yet, here are creatures taken from expansive homes and kept in cages.


Animals whose territory was once measured in square miles live in places measured in square meters.



I will probably never go on a safari or explore the tundra.

Here I got to see.

Polar Bear butt.

IMG_0843 (1)

Polar Bear Butt

Malay Sun Bear.

We pause to see paws and claws.

P1260611 (1)

I don’t know who this raccoony creature is, but it gave a quick portrait opportunity before curling up for a nap.


There was a group of snow monkeys in a large enclosure.


P1260631 (1)

In the hot and humid vivarium were herps.



A green monitor lizard.


Outside in a pool, flamingos, such color!


And across the way from the flamingos was a shoebill.

P1260642 (1)

Pale/slate blue eyes on a slatey colored bird. Closest relative: the pelican.

We wondered and wandered until late afternoon. There were plenty of other wonders there, but this post is just for the animals.


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