Details and Close-ups.

For your viewing pleasure, here is a collection of things-seen.

Steel bamboo.IMG_0715

Flowers near an entry gate. Welcome to spring. IMG_0728

Lamp in a park. IMG_0734

Plants in a wall. IMG_0757

Tended birds.IMG_0778

Quail eggs. Eighty-five yen for ten. IMG_0781

Snack food. IMG_3077

Plastic food. IMG_3114

Department store floor. IMG_3116

Individually wrapped onions?IMG_3120

Loooooong green onions. IMG_3124

Wet Sammydog has towel and breakfast. IMG_3146 (1)

Six hundred yen.IMG_3177

Grandson standing yen.P1260570

And I do not yet know who this character from a home’s entry path is.


My friend RW says: “The standing critter with big balls and straw hat is a tanuki…a guardian figure who invites good fortune – most often seen in front of businesses.”

For now…..

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 8.38.24 AM

That’s “sayonara”….

2 responses to “Details and Close-ups.

  1. The well endowed badger may also be seen at your local Toyota dealership. He’s a mythical guardian and mischief maker, very common in Japanese folklore

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