The Day Before The Storm.

The day before the big storm started, we three went a-beaching at Quansoo. You’ve seen some of this in previous posts. Not only did Coquina get to wade deeper than ever before…


She also got to attend a supine human.


And to dig holes.

And to run.

IMG_0483 (1)

And to kill a washed-up mylar balloon.


We humans had a good time, too. We admired a beach shrine.


Nature-lovers that we are, we found fascination in a weather snowy owl pellet.

Whose bones be these?

IMG_2808 (1)

Where the Great Pond meets the beach the shore is ever-changing.

IMG_2812 (1)

Sand and debris move daily, driven by changing winds and weather.


You could return to this spot daily, and each day it would be different.


It was time to go.


The ever-deepening Crab Creek was to cross.

IMG_2763 (1)

We should have brought a fake palm tree to decorate the “island” we had parked on.


The storm was coming.

While we were there, the sky was whitening and the sunlight was lessening in intensity. The wind was increasing. Soon after dark, the rain began.

In thirty-six hours, the parking lot would look like this.

IMG_2936 (1)

(The photo is tilty and the panorama details are ragged because the wind was blowing so hard it was not possible to stand steady.)

6 responses to “The Day Before The Storm.

  1. Just found your blog… I LOVE everything Martha’s Vineyard (except the crazy traffic at intersections in Summer months) and visit as often as we can. LOVE seeing the rural beauty of it through your images. You guys have really gotten hammered with this recent storm, saw images of the oak bluffs harbor, wow!

    • Welcome to the tompostpile. Sign up for notifications of new posts to be sure to see new ones. There are years of posts from the past. I try to not make many posts that become dated, so browse those past postings! Thank you for your kind words.

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