Curious Coquina Studies the Supine

Coquina is a cheerful and intelligent canine.


At Quansoo a few days ago, the wind was low and the sun was pleasantly warm.

For late February, it was preposterously pleasant.

So Christine lay supine on the sand.

Coquina was curious.

And came to see.


She circled around at first, and then came in for a better look.


She gets up on her hind legs like that, sometimes even stands, when she sees something that attracts her attention.

“Hey! Mom! What’s up?”


Well, if you’re not going to get up, I might as well lie down…


This scene is more striking in black-and-white.

IMG_2796 (1)

Curious Coquina, Supine Christine. Quansoo, February 2018.

It’s said that every picture tells a story.

What story does this one tell?

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